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Independence Day

This July 4, 2007, because I mirror about this Independence Day christmas plus the state your present socio-political climate, I need to acknowledge which I feel having fantastic difficulty celebrating the "independence" your country. Those founding fathers that crafted the Declaration of Independence clearly had a different conception of the rights of "the people" to determine their own political and online fortune. Today, I see less of that kind of "independence" inside the American persons. But I feel hopeful.We have all heard or understand those well-known words, "You hold these truths to be self-evident, which all guys are made equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, which among these are Life, Liberty plus the pursuit of Happiness."But, the number of of us remember the further assumption of the Founding Fathers, "which to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their only powers from the authorization of the governed;which whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it's the Best of the People to change or to abolish it, and to institute modern Government, laying its foundation about such principles and organizing its powers inside such form, regarding them will seem probably to impact their Safety and Happiness."Based upon the actual words of the Declaration of Independence, the drafting of which we enjoy today, July 4th, a government of free guys needs for one primary factor -- to secure the rights of life, freedom, plus the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, when the government of a free persons fails to meet its primary factor, it's the obligation of which free persons to cast aside which government.What are the circumstances established by the drafters of the Declaration which established superior cause for an overthrow of the existing government? Lucky for us, they are itemized and recorded inside detail inside the written text of the Declaration (see http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htm for the entire text). On review of why recorded inside the Declaration, ask yourself, the number of of these same circumstances exist today inside our present political/corporate system here inside the good ol' U.S.A.? Are we holding our government accountable?Now, I'm not advocating an insurrection or an overthrow of the government. What I feel advocating, nonetheless, is a thoughtful re-evaluation of how much "independence" we are going to accept because a country. With our present President and cabinet inside their final stretch, it's particularly important which we ask ourselves, "what exactly is truly important to us?" Is it low-cost (or god forbid, free) healthcare? Is it inexpensive access to degree? Is it flexibility from religious intolerance? Is it the removal of hunger and condition? Is it the removal of pain because an acceptable info gathering technique?It is my sincere belief which, when it comes to the many fundamental of "self evident" rights, the American persons can and can agree on these many fundamental of rights.As a injuries attorney here inside Orange County, California, I deal each day with people who have been hurt because the effect of the wrongful conduct of another. Each day is an uphill fight against a very well funded campaign by big corporations to restrict or eliminate their accountability to those that they (or their insureds) injure... all for the purpose of improving income. As I see it, the influence exerted by these big corporations found on the political system plus the disastrous impact which it has found on the consumer is tantamount to the character of corruption outlined inside the Declaration of Independence. As such, we must battle against it. You have the right to do so. You could exercise our right.Orange County Injury Lawyer\n

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