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Troubleshooting Suggestions For Automotive Air Conditioning

There are some simple and fast vehicle air conditioning fixing tips that might allow you to get a few more days out of the system prior to getting it in to be checked by a mechanic or vehicle air conditioning technician. The following are simple, simple troubleshooting tips that can help you solve the problem or at least have the ability to better explain the scenario to the mechanic.

The condenser is at the front of the car, under the hood near the radiator. In older designs of vehicles, there will be a noticeable fan, ensure the blades are turning when the vehicle air conditioning dial or switch is in the "on" position. If the car is a recent model, there will not be blades visible, but you should have the ability to hear the electric motor of the fan engage. If the fan is not turning, the heat is not being eliminated from the Freon, which in turn is not permitting the evaporator core in the dash to cool off the air because the Freon is hot. In some cases, a blown fuse can be replaced or a wire should be reconnected to the fan to fix the issue. The fuse diagram in the owner's manual will indicate which fuse controls the condenser fan motor.

If the engine of the automobile is running too hot either because of an emissions system or exhaust problem, the system will not allow the Freon to cool significantly enough to cool the air in the passenger area of the automobile. Many engines have their own cooling fan; ensure that it is running. In addition, ensure that there is enough coolant in the automobiles reservoir to guarantee proper engine temperature levels.

Only a trained expert should work with the vehicle air conditioning system as Freon is hazardous. If the pressure or levels of Freon drop in the car, the cooling capability of the system is dramatically decreased. Have the automobile tested by a garage that has air conditioning repair work certification to inspect this problem. If you think there could be a small leak in the system, buy a can of dye, readily available in the automobile air conditioning area of the auto parts shop, and add it to the system using the directions on the can. You can then inspect for leakages in the hoses along the air conditioning system. Big leaks will be obvious by the staining or discoloration along the hose or tubing.Read More\nWestlake Air Conditioning Repair

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